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The secret of a good picture.

It's hard to find the secret of a good picture. Many tell you to focus on aperture, others on depth of field. Loads of gurus talk about good camera gear. I think it's something completely different though.

The picture above is a strange one. I like the picture, but technically...

The beginning of DARKPHOTOZ

It's hard to say where it al started but one thing that definitely motivated me to pick up the camera again was the band Besarabia. It's a balkan klezmer band from Valencia and my wife who is a violinist happens to be part of the...

Noise and Dance

The movement, it's always the bloody movement. Just as you want to capture time. The body screams about movement, touching and reaching.

As I have to work in low light and want at least a bit of stability, I have no other option then to go for noise.It's noisy here...

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