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Work in process

The Anthropocene – A work in Process…

I won’t often publish a colour photo here, but I found it fitting for the next post.  I shot both photo’s while driving through Spain and both sceneries are not that far of from each other.  The first one is part of a cement factory and I gave it a grim look, although I didn’t need to do that much colour correction. As the building and the forms itself are dark and sinister enough.

The other picture is shot in the interior of Spain. Fast agricultural spaces with a wide variety of colours and shapes. In summer it looks like an artificial place. And with a bit of a colour correction you get the feel of that wonderful Teletubbyland quickly enough.

It’s the contrast of the two pictures I guess that makes them so interesting. And at the same time the have a lot in common. The first one may be a black and white photo and the second one a photo in full colour. What they share though is the obvious intervention of men.

Both pictures are showing us the Anthropocene – the age of men – plane and clearly. It’s not a happy thought. Even if you can enjoy the beauty of both photo’s.  The black and white picture of the factory giving us a gloom of something from a Apocalyptical SciFi movie. Symbolizing the pollution and ruin of the world. The excavation and brutal rape, using the earth solely as a commodity.

The second picture, the one with the beautifully happy colours show us the same thing only in a variation. We might be mislead by the bright and beautiful colours, but the Teletubbyland is purely man made and equals the first in showing us the foreboding of a dry country used up by human activity. Here is the change in the environment, the Anthropocene, precent as well.

There is a beauty in the beast I guess!!!