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The anthropocene – no escaping

Walking in the woods, it’s getting harder to avoid human debris. Everywhere you look you find traces of human beings. Leftovers and used artefacts of a trespassing person. Thrown away rubbish by people often not thinking about the consequences.

It’s strange, we conserved this image of nature, as a Romantic idea. The big woods, the mighty sea and the marvels of the animal kingdom. They are shown in all the splendour in the documentaries on the television.

But there was always a chasm between nature and us. As we, as human beings, belonged to a different group altogether. I guess it’s a left over of the main religions. Who describe nature as a gift from God to man. To use and make use of as he/she pleases.

We as human beings are depicted as something else, something outside nature. And even now, many climate change deniers are based upon the religious ground that humans and the rest of the world are two different entities. And therefore it’s impossible that human beings can have any influence on the weather and nature in general. As nature is made for humans to be used.

But it’s evident that we live in the Anthropocene, the era where humans have so much influence on their surroundings that they change the patterns of the planet itself. We have to come to terms with the fact that humans are part of the eco-system of the planet. And everything we make and use is part of the planet too.

On a daily bases I find human debris in the woods around where I live. Thrown away tools, tins and aluminium foil. Plastic bags, toys and bullets. The whole gamma of human activity.

Often the human utensils have merged with their surrounding. Plastic bags growing on trees, iron mesh grown into a bush, shoes start to flower. It’s strange but the human artefacts start to integrate in the rest of nature. which brought me to the following thought. What if begun to understand that everything we do, everything we make is a part of nature, and thus a part of ourselves. Would we still make plastic bags?